The dog wants to know what happened to that ‘dog’s breakfast’ we served up on Saturday against bottom of the league Southampton. ‘None of it found it’s way into my bowl’ he whined. Patience there may be more to come yet.

We certainly get through them. I make it 15 Managers since the turn of the century which is an average stay of 1.5 years. Technically of course Conte hasn’t gone yet but he is a dead man walking. Daniel is examining the small print on Conte’s contract as we speak.

Throwing the players under the bus could be a sackable offence without compensation. In your dreams Mr Levy. I like Antonio in theory but in practice not so much. Loved his passion, hated his rigidity. Elite Mangers? Pah!

Against Southampton we were 3-1 up with sixteen minutes to go but with the Manager’s help we threw it away; tossed it in the bin; flung it over the fence. The penalty was very giveable even if there was no contact but conceding 3 goals to a team that often struggle to score even one at home is indefensible.

They scored straight after half time before the boys had time to check their laces; pull up their socks in any sense of the phrase; adjust their shorts; blow the snot from their noses or focus on the matter in hand.

Whether their response was ‘selfish’ is a semantic discussion, in translation, for another day. But Antonio deliberately threw the baby out with the bathwater post-match and there is no way back for him now. Even abject apologies wouldn’t cut and he’s not that sort of man.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

(Photo by Jack Thomas – WWFC/WWFC via Getty Images)

I have hesitated to comment on the current goings-on in case Conte resigned or was sacked in the interim and rendered my pearls redundant. But it looks as if with the International Break ongoing, that panic stations will be avoided for a week at least.

With Levy in the doghouse he will do his best to get Pochettino to take up the challenge with Ryan holding the fort in the meantime. This will put him in good stead with the fans at least. Mauricio is currently unemployed so the is no reason to delay.

But Pochettino may prefer to wait until the end of the season after we fail to get top four which is almost certain and to start afresh with a clean slate. There is no point in starting with the blame for somebody else’s failure.

He may get some brownie points by giving it a go, and the fans may respect him for that. And then it depends on results, team selection and style of play whether he maintains a positive response. Not trying to fit square pegs in round holes would be a start.

I am going all in on Poch because for Levy that is the path of least resistance. They say ‘Never go back’ but this script was written in the stars and I can’t see anyone concerned resisting it.

Harry Redknapp is keen but I think he must have had a bad week at Cheltenham. He helped us out once before after the 2 from 8 debacle under Ramos in 2008 and he at least kept us up and brought some joy to the club and the fans. But that was then.

The more I think about it the more I am uncertain about the immediate future. Harry and Ryan until the end of the season? It’s not entirely out of the question though I think it should be. Thanks but no thanks Harry but thanks for the memories at anyway.

I’m glad that the matter has comet to a head There’s a time and a place for ‘Dog’s Dinners and kick-off time at White Hart Lane is not one of them. How many times have we scored 3 away from Home and not won?

It surely is a funny old game and where the chips will fall is anybody’s guess. I’ve made mine and it won’t be very long before we will know. Only another week of rumour and gossip to endure friends before the good ship Tottenham sets sail with the same crew under a new CaptaiI assume Mauricio he will take the job if offered with or without Ryan’s help.