Liverpool: Sunday

*An 80’s hit by Utravox from the days of Keith Burkinshaw but originally a 1930’s dance-band hit by the Regent Club Orchestra when Percy Smith was in charge. and no I don’ remember him, thank you. Later when Arthur Rowe ruled the roost if you catch my drift a version by Leadbelly appeared. I think I prefer that one.

I have not quite reached the stage of the poignant line in the song: ‘Dancing with tears in my eyes living out a memory of a love that died’. I still cling to the love but it’s been sorely tested these past few years, and even more this week.

I wasn’t going to write another column until all was settled at the end of the season but it’s been such an exciting week I didn’t want to miss the moment. So eyes down and here we go.

At 4:45 I’m crying: 15 minutes in, 3-0 down and no way back surely.

At 90+2 I’m dancing and celebrating Richarlison’s first league goal and equaliser after Son and Harry score and planning a trip to Brazil to thank his mum for raising such a spirited boy.

Two minutes later I’m still dancing but with tears in my eyes as Moura sets up Jota for 4-3. Sorry Mrs R. Today the dancing has stopped and the tears have dried as I ponder the events of the week, a great one for them pesky neutrals.

Now we know the contents of the sealed envelope left by Christian for Ryan in the desk draw in the Manager’s Office ‘Learn by my mistakes young Ryan: try not to go down by 3 goals in the first fifteen minutes. And certainly not a five-goal deficit. It’s too big a task to overcome as I proved.”

Well, Ryan kept it down to 2 against Utd. and we came back to draw. Against Liverpool we did indeed go 3 goals down in 15 minutes but might easily have won. Sonny and Romero both hit the post and a more agile keeper than Forster might have saved at least two of their goals.

Oliver Skipp

(Photo by Tottenham Hotspur FC/Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty Images)

He may be better than Hugo at some things but keeping the ball out of then net is not one of them.

Romero was caught out twice and then gave away a penalty which accounts for the first three goals. But he partially atoned with a fine through ball for Son.

The much-maligned Ivan Peritic increased his assist tally to eight in the Premier League and is our top assister. Just half of Kevin de Bruyne’s but half decent anyway. Our 3 main strikers all got on the score -sheet and Kulusevic should have done.

The rush of blood and lack of judgement by Romero seems par for the course. Jota, who was arguably lucky to be on the pitch after felling Skipp with a high boot. scored the late, late winner with an assist by Moura who is leaving and should never have been on the pitch.

Certainly not playing so deep. I assume he was not sent for nostalgia’s sake but to help Sonny. Richarlison and Harry counter-attack for the winning goal. But much of this is way above my pay-grade.

With a tally of 1 point from nine in a gruelling week, a real baptism of fire for Ryan’s second stint, we slip down the table a little more and with Brighton and Villa poised to deny our European dreams for next season. 8th. is a distinct possibility.

Some of you will be happy with that and believe it will enhance our Premier League chances.I’m not sure about that. I grew up with the wit and wisdom of Blanchflower and Sir Bill. ‘Equalise before the other team score’ is a useful advice for managers young or old from Danny and Billy Nick made his views on qualifying for Europe crystal clear:

“It’s magnificent to be in Europe, and for a club like Tottenham – without Europe we’re nothing.”

Certainly, any ambitious incoming Manager would agree and most of the players.

I am very, very old school and can’t see the advantage of missing out on meaningful games against continental opposition for extra time on the training pitch. Youngsters, injured returners and new signings can be accommodated and there is always the chance of a trophy for Harry if he is still with us.

No one can doubt that the players are giving their all for the manager, Skippy even shed blood for the cause. That’s two stirring recoveries in one week. I would give him the job right now, never mind what Harry Redknapp thinks especially if my first choice is going to Chelsea.

Today I am smiling at the memory of it all having been through the full menu of the eight major human emotions: fear anger, sadness, and shame. disgust, jealousy, happiness and love and a whole list of minor ones too many to mention, in no particular order.

Hope and dismay were in there and relief, joy, misery and disbelief. Pride showed its face at least twice and if Ryan can do this what price a more experienced man at the helm?

And there are still 4 more games to go. What a Season this has been.