And we have a new Manager. Not quite a thoroughbred but having had some success in the lower class events around the world including most recently in Scotland with Celtic, he feels ready to step up to the plate at the highest level. We at Spurs wish him well, our fates are inextricably linked like contestants in a parents-day three-legged race.

He’s in it for the long haul with a four-year contract. Ange Postecoglou, a 57-year-old old originally from Greece out of Australia. Nobody has had a bad word to say about him so far. Even Pep, but that may be a professional rival with nothing to fear extending the usual courtesies.

The fixture list, published next week (Thursday at 9am.) will reveal his first set of hurdles. If we are bottom of the league after 10 games patience may be wearing a little thin but I’m sure all Spurs fans and more importantly Mr Levy will put on a brave face at least until Xmas. Much longer and we might have to report that we have problem to the Jockey Club.

It’s pretty clear that this rebuild will take more than one window and more than one season, possibly three or four of the former and two or three of the latter. We seem to have weaned ourselves off the high-expectations diet of elite managers for the moment. Ange has plenty to prove but seems to have the temperament to do it.

From the advance publicity, his DNA seems a good match for that of Spurs: high press, front-foot football in a 4-3-3 formation with wide wingers and rapid transition. If he can sort the wheat from the chaff, add one or two missing ingredients, shake, and stir, we might have a mix that’s ready to go.

It will be the football ‘stupid’ that determines his longevity as Spurs manager even if the results are not eye-catching initially.

Daniel Levy

(Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)

“He has a strong track record of developing players and an understanding of the importance of the link from the academy.” Levy told the club’s official website and he can implement these facets of his pedigree as well as the style of football he will get even longer. A full season at least, probably.

His first task is to identify one or two faithful retainers who deserve to be turned out to pasture like Eric Dier and Ben Davies and one or two who are not going to make the grade like Davinson Sanchez or Ivan Perisic looking over the fence at the greener grass elsewhere and turn them into cash to be re-invested in a centre half or two and a creative midfielder.

Whether to cash in on Sonny and Harry Kane is a possible dilemma, but if they want to stay for another season I would welcome them both. Then he needs to sort out the untried on the pre-season gallops.

There is plenty to do which is why we’re in the mess we’re in. Personally, I’m looking forward to it. It might be a bumpy ride but riding style and a minor success along the way should be enough for most fans Initially.

Ange is a bit of a dark horse, but I think he will at least give us a run for our money.