JimmyG2 here alive and limping, sending greetings to all his friends and followers.

Reports of my death have been much exaggerated and I am working my way through the many kind thoughts received.

Your prayers have not been in vain. As you can see the Blog previously known as Spurs Musings with JimmyG2 has, like life, moved on and is now in the safe hands of Alex Scott, Tottenham fan and writer.

I am sure you will extend the same courtesy to Alex and his team that you extended to me, perhaps even more, as he beds in..These are exciting times at Spurs so buckle up and enjoy the ride. More of a Bunge-jump at times than a Roller Coaster.

The main transfer window is wide open so rightly this takes precedence. With the extra ENIC million(s), and the attraction of Antonio and the lure of Champions’ League we have done some good business early, with plenty of time for more to come.

Stand up that fan that mumbled ‘For a change’ under their breath. This is the New Spurs nothing like the old Spurs. Well, just a little.

With last season’s threesome who all settled in quickly and were crucial to the push for Top Four we are already looking good to go. Perisic, who I particularly like, hard-working and experienced , versatile and already known to Conte might prove to be the pick of the bunch.

Richarlison is perhaps a bit of a wild card but again versatile and talented. After all, you can’t have too many Brazilian Internationals in your team. Bissouma is a solid pick too. Like Richarlison, Prem-Ready and coming off a solid season.

We need to keep an eye on Home-Grown numbers, especially if, as rumoured, Harry Winks and Jack Clarke are to leave. There will be life after Antonio and we need to build for the future as well as making a determined push this season and next for top tier status.

Anyway, it’s good to talk and I hope to regale you with more reflections as the window and the season progresses. All the best to Captain Scott and his crew, the Good Ship Musings and all who sail in her.